About Eastham Capital

Eastham Capital was founded by Matt Rosenthal and Eric Silverman. Combined, Matt and Eric have over fifty years of extensive multifamily real estate investment, finance and management experience, including:

  • Multifamily acquisition, management and disposition
  • Construction, renovation and rehabilitation
  • Mortgage financing and debt/equity restructuring
  • Resident screening and background checking

Prior to establishing Eastham Capital, Matt founded Stratford Management with Andrew Gordon. Stratford Management is a real estate investment firm that purchases and operates apartment and townhome communities that are considered “diamonds in the rough” and revitalizes them through acquisition, rehabilitation and improved management. Eric became affiliated with Stratford Management in 1997 as a limited partner investor.

Applying the experience Matt attained through Stratford Management and the industry knowledge Eric had acquired from years in the real estate business, they crafted a unique investment strategy for Eastham Capital. Launched in 2007, Eastham Capital now has developed five funds during its twelve years in business.

Eastham Capital Fund I, LP and Eastham Capital Fund II, LP which have exited their last investments and have now concluded.

Eastham Capital Fund III, LP, and Eastham Capital Fund IV, LP, are fully invested in multifamily real estate and are now executing their business plans stabilizing, collecting cash flow and selling appreciated assets.  Fund III has exited about 95% of its investments and Fund IV has exited approximately 60% of its investments.

Eastham Capital Fund V, LP  had its final investor closing on December 6, 2017 at $215,000,000.  Fund V is presently investing in multifamily real estate projects, executing its business plan to stabilize, collect cash flow from and then eventually sell its appreciated assets.


The Purpose of The Eastham Capital Funds Is To:

  • Provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns through investments in distressed residential real estate.
  • Invest in multifamily communities managed by a diverse network of local and regional real estate owners and operators (Manager/Developers) that have established successful track records of acquisition, renovation, management and disposition of distressed real estate assets.
  • These investment opportunities should, after a renovation period of 6 to 24 months, produce stable cash flows and be well-positioned for long-term capital gains.

(Of course, no offerings are implied without the prospectus.)

The Funds

Fund I

Eastham Capital Fund I, LP was a private equity real estate fund launched in September 2007. It was fully invested in U.S. multifamily real estate and had achieved solid asset growth with excellent cash flow distributions to investors since its inception. Fund I was deployed primarily in the State of Texas. In early 2016, Fund I realized returns on all of its remaining assets and has successfully concluded operations.

Fund II

Eastham Capital Fund II, LP was launched in July 2010. Fund II was fully invested in U.S. multifamily real estate and has provided investors with aggressive cash flow since its inception. Fund II has invested in properties in seven US states. Like Fund I, in late 2012 Fund II commenced the profitable dispositions of some of its investments.  To date, Fund II has realized about 95% of its investments.

Fund III

Eastham Capital Fund III, LP was launched in June 2012.  Fund III was fully invested in U.S. multifamily real estate and has produced excellent cash flow distributions since its inception.  In late 2014, Fund III commenced the profitable dispositions of its investments.  To date, this Fund has exited approximately 65% of its investments.

Fund IV

Eastham Capital Fund IV, LP was launched in July 2014 and became fully invested in U.S. multifamily real estate.  Fund IV is producing significant cash flow for its investors.  In October 2016, Fund IV began the process of successfully exiting some of its investments.  To date, Fund IV has profitably sold approximately 20% of its assets.

Fund V

Eastham Capital Fund V, LP launched on June 1, 2017 and has since had its final closing at $215,000,000.  Fund V has commenced investing its capital into multifamily real estate.  To date, this Fund has made twelve investments.

We are currently in the market with Fund V looking for Manager/Developers to partner with for investing Fund V’s capital. If you are a multifamily real estate deal sponsor with an excellent track record and would like to discuss a potential partnership with Eastham Capital, please contact us.

Eastham Capital looks to build long-term multiple-project relationships with a number of preferred M/Ds. If you are an M/D who meets our investment criteria with a project that matches our strategy and would like to discuss a potential partnership with Eastham Capital, please contact us by completing the short form below.

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